Synthetic Neurobiology Group, MIT

Willow, a 1000 channel data acquisition system  

Capture, process, and display 1024 channels of data

Solutions & Expertise
FPGA Hardware Architecture, GUI, Product Development, Experimentation, Data Visualization

Small Business Innovation Research grant from theNational Institute of Mental Health of the National Institutes of Health, under Award Number under Award Number R43MH101943.

Related Projects

The brain is tremendously complex, and uncovering its secrets will require huge amounts of high-resolution data.

Today, many aspects of neuroscience are data-starved because of technological bottlenecks. LeafLabs is overcoming this challenge by eliminating these bottlenecks at every stage of the pipeline.

When MIT's Dr. Ed Boyden (2016 winner of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences) needed to create something that had never been done before, he turned to LeafLabs. His lab, the Synthetic Neurobiology Group (SNG), had developed new ultra dense neural implants that could record a game-changing 1,000 neurons.