LeafLabs works with academic, government, and industry partners to build technology that pushes the boundaries of science and engineering.  We love the challenge of squeezing an order of magnitude more speed, data, resolution, etc. from an instrument to enable new discoveries and innovations.

Whether you need help optimizing a pre-existing design, interfacing with third-party components, or designing a novel system from the ground up, our team can help provide game-changing solutions specific to your domain.

Technical Expertise

  • Embedded Systems: FPGA, MCU, SOC

  • High-speed Data Acquisition

  • Real-time Processing

  • Big Data Analysis

  • User Interface Design

  • Systems Integration

Domain-Specific Experience

  • In Vivo Electrophysiology

  • Microscopy and Optics

  • Astronomy and Space Physics

  • High-performance Scientific Computing


  • Custom R&D

  • Technical Consulting

  • Grant Writing and Support

LeafLabs can help you build tools that will redefine your field

Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear about your project and how we might be able to help.




Scientific Instrumentation Projects


A 1024-channel neural recording system, designed to be one tenth the cost per channel of existing systems.

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A microscope designed to increas the spatial and temporal resolution of light-field microscopy by a combined factor of 100.

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