LeafLabs is a top research and engineering services firm focused on low level computing. We work with leading corporations, startups, government agencies, and academic institutions to help solve their toughest computing challenges. For almost a decade, we’ve delivered tailored, practical results, enabling our clients to achieve their most important aspirations. 


Company History


Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, LeafLabs specializes in software, firmware, and hardware development for real-­time and distributed systems at the extreme edges of performance and scale.

Founded in 2009 by four MIT graduates, LeafLabs got its start developing and selling Maple, a user­-friendly physical computing board which became one of the most popular early 32­-bit physical computing environments on the market. With tens of thousands units sold, Maple can still be found in commercial, research, and art projects all over the world.

Since Maple, LeafLabs has worked on many cutting edge endeavors such as leading all firmware development and being integral to new silicon chip designs for Google’s Project Ara, a modular smartphone whose hardware components can be replaced as if they were LEGOs; creating Willow, a 1024 electrophysiology system for neural recording; and playing an important role developing embedded systems for a number of startups.

LeafLabs’ team has now grown to 13 full time employees, with specialties ranging from engineering to business development to project management and bringing prior industry experience from companies such as BBN, Schlumberger, SpaceX, VMWare, NASA, Wyss Institute, and Analog Devices.