Our favorite place is at a project's very beginning, asking, "Is this even possible? What do we need to do to make it possible?"

Google's Project Ara
Firmware Design & Development

Tools for Ultra High Channel Count Neurophysiology

Big Data for Neural Imaging

Accessible & Powerful Microcontroller

Immersive Computing


Is it even possible?

We thrive on moon-shot computing challenges when it’s not clear if it’s even possible.  This could mean producing a proof of concept, a prototype, or a product for alpha testing. Unlike traditional R&D, we are focused on applications. We are committed to developing technology that solves our clients’ toughest challenges. Our big picture expertise, in managing a globally distributed organization, combined with the flexibility and creativity of a small team, allows us to bring together the ingenuity of research and the speed needed for industry. 


Yes, we write code (lots of it!), but most essential is our role as translators.  We translate between the culture of hardware and software, between different teams in different parts of the world, and between the initial concept and the realities of production, all without losing sight of the original vision. 

We are uncompromising about finding the best talent when it comes to hiring. And we all love a challenge.

Technology Areas

  • Neuroscience & Neurotechnology
  • Mobile/Android
  • IoT
  • Physical Computing

Technical Skills

  • Systems architecture, design, development and analysis
  • Linux Kernel and specialized OS design and development
  • FPGA and MCU Firmware
  • Real-time and distributed systems
  • Communications protocol design and development
  • SDK development and documentation