LeafLabs provides custom embedded systems and FPGA design development for all applications.

Our talented FPGA consulting team works on a broad range of projects with clients ranging from startups to researchers to Fortune 500 companies.

FPGA Services

  • HDL Programming (Verilog, VHDL)
  • Vivado/ISE project design
  • Embedded C design
  • Design modification/optimization
  • Simulation/testbenches
  • Hardware/firmware verification and quality assurance
  • Debugging
  • Timing closure

FPGA Design Expertise

  • High-speed communication protocols and interfaces
  • Custom ASIC and peripheral integration/drivers
  • Digital Signal Processing and algorithm optimization
  • Image processing and object recognition
  • “Big data” real-time data stream processing

FPGA Tools

  • Xilinx ISE and Vivado
  • MicroBlaze
  • ChipScope
  • iVerilog (Icarus Verilog) Simulation
  • ModelSim
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Altera Quartus/Prime
  • Qsys
  • SignalTap
  • Lattice Diamond


  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Google

Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear about your project and how we might be able to help.




FPGA Project Examples

Project Ara




Firmware design and development for Google's modular smartphone project.

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New data acquisition tools to improve how neuroscientists study the brain

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Developing technologies for the emerging field of light-field microscopy 

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