Sometimes implementing a new feature or project creates high level questions that need to be answered before the real work can even begin.  What needs to be done to meet those latency specs? What is the fastest data rate we could possibly record? Of these protocols, which makes the most sense for our application? Is this even possible?

Answering these questions can sometimes fall outside the expertise of a fledgling project team and the answers often inform the team makeup going forward.

Exploring these sorts of questions with clients is one of our favorite parts of the job. We pride ourselves on creative thought and clear explanations which cleanly lay out the information needed to make major strategic and technical decisions affecting the project.

Often, the duration of these types of engagements is only a couple weeks long with a deliverable of a written report or a snippet of code.


Domain-Specific Experience

  • Networking

  • Real Time Systems

  • Internet of Things

  • Data Acquisition

  • High-performance Computing



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