LeafLabs Grant Collaborations

Written by Brooke Yee, Office Administrator, LeafLabs


Recently LeafLabs hosted a pizza party/ grant writing jam session at the Mcgovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. The purpose of the event was to have our engineers and scientists to talk about SBIRs, STTRs, and the collaborative grant writing process with PI’s, researchers, and graduate students.

To share what happened, we had a great turn out! People didn’t just come for pizza! In a full room Andrew Meyer, the CEO of LeafLabs, discussed past successes with grant awards. To sum up his talk, LeafLabs has been awarded 3 grants that resulted in $4.3 million in funding and 4 publications.  

LeafLabs' fearless leader presenting to interested individuals 

LeafLabs' fearless leader presenting to interested individuals 

It was great talking to everyone who attended and continuing those conversations after. LeafLabs really enjoys speaking to others about projects they’re interested in. If you’re interested in possible grant collaboration contact neuro@leaflabs.com.

Leaflabs hopes to hear from you!