Update from LeafLabs

Greetings! There has been so much going on this in the last couple of months we wanted to take the chance to give a LeafLabs update. In addition to being busy with our daily operations, employees have been coming and going, traveling to clients and conferences. Our own Justin Kinney just returned from the Kavli Futures Symposium, where he collaborated with leaders in their respective fields to explore the state-of-the-art in neurotechnology, next-gen prospects on the horizon, and how we might collectively accelerate progress toward new methodologies and instrumentation. Now, we’re getting ready to go to the Society for Neuroscience’s upcoming conference in Washington D.C. As we go to these events and meet more people we enjoy putting faces to the names of our customers, colleagues, and other respected members of their fields.

There is certainly more to come before the end of the year. We’ll keep updating as we go so we can share our excitement.