Who Do We Help?

We work across a wide variety of markets, helping our clients solve their hardest technical problems.  Below are a few of the industries in which we work.

  • Scientific Research
  • Consumer
  • Technology
  • Transportation and Aerospace
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Other Markets

Selected Industry Experience

  • Willow, a 1000 channel neural data acquisition system.  

  • Lotus, light-field microscopy for functional zebrafish imaging at 125Gbps.

Scientific Research

Cutting-edge research deserves to be supported by cutting-edge engineering.  LeafLabs works with academic, government, and industry research labs to build custom research tools that are elegant, reliable, and a pleasure to use.

From specification to production to support, we can help you design novel experimental setups, taking advantage of state-of-the-art electronics and software. Spend your time thinking about research, and leave the engineering to us.


LeafLabs got its start making the consumer oriented Maple microcontroller board.  Since then, we've helped numerous clients develop thorough specifications, make critical architecture choices, iterate thorough prototypes, and help setup manufacturing pipelines.

Selected Industry Experience

  • Secure firmware updates to a quadcopter.


Selected Industry Experience

  • All things digital for Google's modular smartphone, Project Ara
  • FPGA design for process control equipment in the semiconductor industry


Technology companies live and die by their ability to innovate quickly.  This often means significant investment in R&D and pushing the bounds of what's possible.  We work with companies to augment and accelerate their R&D and development efforts, either by fully outsourcing projects or playing a fast turn support role. We help our clients think outside of the box and move faster than they're able to internally.

We've worked with companies in computer hardware, semiconductors, telecommunications, components, and peripherals sectors.


Transportation and Aerospace

The transportation sector is entering something of a renaissance. With the rapid movement towards autonomous vehicles in land, sea, and air, incorporating technologies like machine vision, low-cost radar, lidar, etc. is now commonplace in the design phase.

We help clients implement these forward looking technologies, as well as build secure platforms to allow system updates as algorithms change and security patches are made available.


Selected Industry Experience

  • A3 by Airbus' autonomous airtaxi, Project Vahana.
  • FPGA vehicle radar prototype.

Selected Industry Experience

  • Bluetooth® connectivity for a consumer wearable.
  • Connected sensors for transoceanic grain shipment monitoring.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet connected products are well on the way to becoming ubiquitous.  Now more than ever, companies are required to add their product to the Internet of Things (IoT) to stand out in a crowded market or simply to stay competitive.  While this added connectivity allows for new features and ways to interact with the customer, the engineering work often falls outside of the company’s technical core competencies.

We can help you enable connectivity to the outside world through Ethernet, short range wireless (Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, or custom RF protocols), as well as long distance connections like cellular.

Other Markets

If your work falls outside of the markets listed above, we're still very likely to able to help.  We contribute to many other types of projects that come across our desks, ranging from technical art projects, medical devices, to IP research.  We'd love to hear what you're working on so please get in touch.