Create an interpersonal computer for the workplace

Maintaining team collaboration and communication in an increasingly complex and distributed workspace

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IoT, OS, Android, Machine Learning, Design

Total immersion is the best way to learn a language: Eco is collaborative computer that achieves total immersion for distributed teams.

Computers and the internet lie at the foundation of nearly every business, but modern computing is fundamentally personal. What’s needed is an interpersonal computer, a collaborative device that connects spaces and the people that work in them with the spontaneity and clarity of working together in person.


What experiences can we make 10x better by getting them out of the conference room and putting them on a shared office wall?



Eco's flagship app Portal, is a crystal clear, always on, video gateway with 4K resolution.


Eco is a panel computer that lives on the walls of your workspace, enabling collaboration and communication for distributed teams with the spontaneity and clarity of sharing the same space.


Each Eco computer is larger than a computer monitor, enabling interactions at a distance using voice and gestures. The UI is immersive, delightful, and most importantly – invisible. Eco runs Android, offering a familiar working environment and tools. With a stylus or a finger, users can brainstorm with remote team members and relocate your saved work session across offices.


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