LeafLabs was founded in 2009 on the premise that science not only happens in labs filled with shiny equipment, but also on cluttered workbenches in musty basements. Our headcount and project scope continues to grow, but we still go by the motto, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” 

Creative, Inventive & Eclectic 

The LeafLabs team is continually growing as we take on new projects and enter new fields. Our engineers and scientists have brought expertise from top organizations such as Analog Devices, SpaceX, BBN, VMWare, and NASA. We are uncompromising about finding the best talent when it comes to hiring, both internally and in our global network of trusted subcontractors. In our off hours we are ramblin’ bluegrass musicians, published authors, award-winning artists, elite rock-climbers, and jugglers in training.