Photo Credit Google ATAP

Photo Credit Google ATAP


Leading firmware development

Design and develop firmware for a revolutionary technology

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Mobile, Android, Linux Kernel, Distributed Systems, Communications Protocol, Technical Leadership,  Project Management

Google, with LeafLabs’ expertise in embedded design, is revolutionizing the smartphone through Project Ara, a modular smartphone that snaps together like Legos.

Allowing users to customize their smartphone in an instant  is no small feat. The idea is bold and technically challenging, requiring excellent power efficiency, seamless module swapping, and exceptionally fast data-transfer rates.

Photo Credit Google ATAP

Photo Credit Google ATAP

Project Ara isn't just another phone; it's a new way to look at how we use devices. 

LeafLabs joined Project Ara before it was clear what exactly a modular smartphone should be or even could be. After helping to create the software development plan and with the recruitment of key partners to help execute it, LeafLabs now leads the firmware development for all of Project Ara. 

Fast Company called it ‘a pipe dream...’

Photo Credit Google ATAP

Photo Credit Google ATAP

LeafLabs collaborates closely with partners around the world. This includes software leaders of the Android and Linux Kernel community, as well as major corporations like Toshiba and Google itself.


Project Ara in the News


"It's been years since we've had anything like true experimentation and newness in smartphones. "

The Verge

"A developer edition running Android with a 5.3-inch screen is shipping this fall, while a consumer version of the phone will be available some time in 2017. To get your hands on a device this year, you have to head over to ATAP's dedicated Ara website and fill out the form indicating what type of module you'd like to develop for the phone."