LeafLabs was founded in 2009 on the premise that science not only happens in labs filled with shiny equipment, but also on cluttered workbenches in musty basements. Our headcount and project scope continues to grow, but we still go by the motto, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” 

Creative, Inventive & Eclectic 

The LeafLabs team is continually growing as we take on new projects and enter new fields. Our engineers and scientists have brought expertise from top organizations such as Analog Devices, SpaceX, BBN, VMWare, and NASA. We are uncompromising about finding the best talent when it comes to hiring, both internally and in our global network of trusted subcontractors. In our off hours we are ramblin’ bluegrass musicians, published authors, award-winning artists, elite rock-climbers, and jugglers in training.



Andrew Meyer – CEO

Meyer recruited four friends and fellow MIT grads to leave jobs and PhD programs to start an R&D firm that would tackle the computer industry's toughest challenges. Together they have tackled over a dozen projects, each one more ambitious and high profile than the last. Under Meyer's leadership, LeafLabs has doubled its revenue yearly since its founding.  In his hectic schedule he still finds time to play guitar and improve his game of Go. (MIT, EECS ‘09)


Perry Hung

Hung leads the technical development of Eco Computer. Hung earned his Master’s degree while working with VMWare, and remained with the company after graduating. At VMWare, Hung was a core developer on the mobile virtualization team, creating hypervisors and other virtualization technologies on both Android and iOS. This experience has given him a deep knowledge of the internals of Android and ARM processors. In his free time, Hung is a computer security enthusiast and a skilled rock climber. (MIT, B.S. EECS ‘08, MEng EECS ‘09)


Jessica Barber

Barber specializes in FPGA firmware, computer architecture, and hardware design. She has served as the PI for LeafLabs on an active Neuroscience grant with the NIH. Before joining LeafLabs in 2010, Barber developed FPGA systems at SpaceX. She was a primary developer on the CUCU radio, which is currently installed in orbit on the ISS, that enables communication with the SpaceX Dragon capsule. Among her other accomplishments Barber is a published author of science fiction. (MIT, Physics ‘08, EECS ‘10)


Chris Chronopoulos

Chronopoulos serves as technical director for the Neurotech Division of LeafLabs, and is the principal investigator for the Lotus project. His background is in computational astrophysics, in which he did graduate research studying magnetohydrodynamics of the Sun's interior. He continues to be interested in problems at the interface of science and technology. Chronopoulos plays in folk and bluegrass bands and builds interactive sound art for public installations and galleries. (MIT BS Physics '09, CU-Boulder MS Astrophysics '12)

Bill Dixon

Dixon is the director of business development for LeafLabs.  Before joining LeafLabs, he co-founded a cycling power meter startup, started and lead the EasyTomato router firmware project, worked as a consultant for Appian Corporation, and played in the deserts of the Middle East as a field engineer for oilfield service company Schlumberger.  Outside of work he enjoys, cycling, swimming, and playing guitar.  (Boston University, Mechanical Engineering '06)


Hannah Verlin

As director of operations, Verlin was the first non-engineer hired by LeafLabs in 2013.  In addition to order and organization, she brings a decade of experience in visual design to LeafLabs.  Before joining, Verlin worked as studio manager for the internationally recognized public art design team Harries/Héder Collaborative.  Verlin’s own artwork has been recognized for awards that include a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship (2011) and the Traveling Scholars Fellowship from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (2014).